Emergency Dental Service

Much as we may strive to take good care of ourselves, it is quite inevitable to stop certain in eventualities from coming our way. Especially in a world where unexpected occurrences happen more often than we care to admit and result not only in dental injuries but also in excruciating pain that may require you to immediately check in with a dentist. And if you have been unfortunate enough to have a dental emergency, then you know full well that it can lead to a much serious problem and hence it may not be in your best interest to ignore or even take it as too light of a matter. Below are some common dental emergencies that may indeed require you to seek emergency dental services as soon as possible.

 Emergency Dental Services – Bentleigh Dental Care

A knocked out tooth
If your tooth is knocked out of place accidentally, then it requires immediate attention so as to have even the slightest chance of being reinserted and preserved by a dentist.

A loose tooth
With a loose tooth, there’s a slight possibility that you could hold it down for some time as you buy yourself the time you need to get to the dentist. However, at the end, you will still need to rush to a dentist so as to keep the tooth stabilized.

A chipped tooth
In this category, there are two types of chipped teeth. In one, the chipped tooth may be excruciatingly painful whereas in the other you may not even feel a pinch. If the tooth is chipped and it doesn’t hurt even a bit, then you can wait for a few days before going to the dentist. Nonetheless, it is vital to visit a dentist as soon as you possibly can because as you chew you may end up chipping the tooth even more.

Generally, these are infections that occur around the root of a tooth. Though seemingly not serious at first glance, the abscess can actually end up causing damage to tissue and surrounding teeth if not taken care of as quickly as possible.

While most times the problem will be clear-cut and easily understandable, some of the time this may not be the case at all and hence the importance of seeking expert help from your dentist in Chatswood NSW. Fortunately, there are a number of dental experts who offer impeccable emergency dental services all day anytime in as long as you have made prior arrangements as is the case with Bentleigh Dental Care.

Unexpected things happen, and then they result in a dental injury or pain requiring immediate care, we’re here to help. We endeavor to accommodate emergency appointments on the same day. We are also open 7 days a week with evening appointments on weekdays!