Kids Dentistry

Bentleigh Dental Care  Chatswood Dentist loves children! We believe that dental visits should be a fun experience and that a short and entertaining visit at age 2-3 is a great way to form a positive outlook. We also offer a dental goodie bag to keep the little ones happy.

Bentleigh dental care dentists believe in early diagnosis of possible facial growth abnormalities and possible airway obstruction problems. Through early and minimal intervention we are able to give the young children best chance to correct facial growth and development.

We also offer day care centers and preschools visits by members of our staff. Please contact us if you believe that your organisation would benefit from our visit.

Kid’s Dentistry in Chatswood, NSW

As much as all of us require some kind of special attention when it comes to our teeth, children require a little bit more attention compared to adults because of their fragility and tenderness.  And that’s why it is very vital to visit the kid’s dentistry regularly.  Not only because your child will be able to learn healthy habits and how to care for their teeth but also because the dentist is able to detect and manage early signs of oral diseases or abnormalities before they reach a critical stage. What’s more, the visits also give parents an opportunity to get the resources and education they need to give their children the very best chance of growing up with a bright, sparkly and healthy smile.

What Does The First Visit of Kid’s Dentistry Entail?

With any new patient appointment, there will be some sort of cross examination whereby the doctor will not only teach your child to be as comfortable as possible but also do a thorough oral examination including x-rays and then customize a treatment plan that will be fit your child. In addition, the dentist does a complete review of your child’s medical health including special needs (if any) and addresses each and every concern pertaining to the same.

Seeing as it’s your child, you might probably be more comfortable entrusting them to a dentist who will not only look after them well but also one that loves kids as well so that the child can be more at ease throughout the whole procedure. And while there are so many kids dentistry options, one that definitely tops the cake as far as loving children is concerned is the Bentleigh Dental Care.

Apart from offering superb and impeccable services, Bentleigh Dental Care also offers kids a dental goodie bag to keep them happy and engaged. However, more to the goodies and their superb services, Bentleigh Dental Care have a firm belief in diagnosing possible facial growth abnormalities and possible airway obstruction problems early enough. More so because it is only through an early diagnosis that they are able to curb the situation before it advances into something that cannot be corrected.

Seeing as teeth happen to be a quintessential aspect of our overall outlook, it is best to ensure that your children’s teeth are well taken care of from an early age.