Recently Priyanka Mukherjee wrote a blog post for Published by Diversity Australia Magazine which included one of our dentists, Dr Dolly Soni.

T read the post in full, please visit:

In the article it describes some of the highs, lows and her motivations leading to where Dr. Dolly Soni is today.

As you will read Dr. Dolly Soni in not just a true professional and accomplished dental practitioner, there is so much more to her life story as she is “an accomplished woman dentist, who believes in empowering other women through her own journey and helping them become financially independent.” (Priyanka Mukherjee: Migrant Mouthpiece)


Migrant Mouthpiece attempts to showcase our unique journeys as migrants/expats and tell the stories of intersectionalities of gender, identity, and ethnicity. At the very core, this blog series will capture our lived experiences as distinctly different from one another and capture the diversity of thought to create a culture of acknowledgment and understanding and most importantly lifting one another.