Emergencies do happen despite our effort of prevention and may result in significant pain or discomfort. As emergency dentist in Chatswood, we are open until evenings on weekdays and operate 7 days to provide crucial dental emergency service to Chatswood community.

Some of the emergency situations where urgent dental appointment is needed include

  • knocked out teeth, broken, or displaced teeth from injury
  • dental abscess or swelling of gum, mouth or face
  • pain from tooth, or gum
  • broken filling, lost filling, or crown


Sports injuries, and accidents on the road from bike riding, and injuries from falling especially in children are most common injuries from trauma. In cases of severe trauma involving the head, it is important to assess airway,and any other significant injuries first.  In terms of dental trauma management, it is usually the best to see the dentist as soon as possible. If you can find the tooth, keep the tooth in either saline or milk, trying not to touch the root surface of the tooth too much and seek the dentist urgently.  The first few hours of appropriate management after the dental emergency can greatly improve the outcome.

Pain, or severe toothache can be one of the worst pain, we have many tails of patients where a trip to the emergency department at the hospital could not help relieve the pain. Usually the severe dental pain cannot be alleviated quickly with oral medication alone, and will need the root cause of the problem addressed quickly.

Broken fillings and crowns, even if they do not cause pain, will need to be sealed quickly to prevent bacteria from entering the tooth. If bacteria enters the pulp of the tooth, you could end up with infection and pain needing root canal treatment. Prompt sealing of the tooth is required if filling or crown falls out, or if tooth is broken to prevent more extensive treatment.

At Bentleigh dental care we are open 7 days and always prioritise the emergency appointments.

Emergency Dental Service