Gum makes an important structure in the mouth that support your teeth to the jawbone.

Gum disease can be silent but progresses deadly. Some of the signs of gum disease are;
– bleeding when brushing or flossing
– swollen puffy gum
– bright, red coloured gum as opposed to pink
– bad breath
– loose teeth

Gum disease when minor can be completely reversible but when progressed can cause irreversible severe damage to the jaw bone resulting in loss of teeth and bone melting away. This can cause a concern and pose complexity to the future implant treatment.

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Gum disease is caused by many things and happens more to certain people with risk factors such as diabetes, smokers or hereditary predisposition. The main factor however is tartar and bacteria and the management by the dentist and close monitoring can help you to keep your teeth longer.

Usually the management of gum disease ranges from simple scaling to deep cleaning after numbing with and without surgery.

Bentleigh dental care dentists will probe and chart your gum health at every routine check up appointment, and if needed can provide gum treatment.