Bentleigh Dental Care offers injectiable treatment for TMJ (temporomandibular joint) syndrome, bruxism (teeth grinding) and for retraining of the muscles for orthodontic (braces) and prosthodontic (fixed and removable dentures) work
Temporomandibular joint disorder may involve pain in the jaw and facial muscles, which can be associated with headaches, earaches, cervical spine disorder, and general facial pain. The use of a muscle-relaxant botulinum toxin, BOTOX® helps to reduce the intensity of muscle contraction, and thereby relieves pain
Bruxism which involves grinding and clenching teeth most of the time nocturnally, has been traditionally treated with oral appliances worn at night. We also offer BOTOX® therapy  in conjunction with the oral appliance in helping patients with bruxism. The relief afforded to the patients can grossly remove facial pain, prevent further damage to their dentition and dental restorations and has an added benefit of slimming their jaw line
We also offer dento-facial aesthetic treatments that can enhance your new smile, such as  high lip line gummy smile treatment, to raise the corners of the mouth and to smooth wrinkles around the lips. We utilise only single-use sterile hypodermic needles for any procedure
Botulinum toxin therapy usually lasts 4-6 months and is important to have a through consultation to understand all the risks and side effects with a certified practitioner

Injectable Treatments