Bentleigh Dental Care has earned a good reputation in Chatswood for being a kid friendly dentist. We feel that children are as important as any other adults and catering for children is an important service to the Chatswood community.

Children need special approach to dentistry and appropriate behavior management is required for different age groups.

The Important message of dentistry starts at home so it is crucial to use positive words to describe dentistry from a young age. Avoid using words that have negative connotations such as needle, pain, scary or hurt. We use kid friendly dental terms and know how to tickle them. Positive enforcement is the first step and our staff visit local day care centers annually to help build positive outlook on dentistry.

A visit to the dentist can start as early as the first tooth erupts. Let us celebrate that with you!

Children should have a fun visit to the dentist every 6 months and the dentist can detect early problems. We are knowledgeable in growth and development, see the child holistically. Gone are the days of dentist just checking for cavities, and dentist is usually one of the first to screen for any signs of abnormality in children’s breathing,swallowing, sleep issues and problems with adenoids and tonsils.

Kids Dentistry

We can check if children are growing and developing well and we are specially trained to also detect any issues of jaw growth that may warrant early orthodontic treatment.

If a child happens to need any dental work, we also offer many modalities to make the dental work as comfortable as possible by use of nitrous oxide and digital injection system that looks much more friendly than traditional needle and is almost pain free. And of course the child can watch their favorite show whilst receiving the dental work.