Crooked teeth bring a host of oral problems, including increased bacteria that produce more cavities, weakened tooth enamel, excessive stress on the gums and the bone that support the teeth, and lower self-esteem. Our Bentleigh team offers several comprehensive orthodontic options for the young and adults to correct problematic teeth and create a beautiful smile.

Early interceptive orthodontics utilises the fact that the child is still growing and can prevent complex problems that may necessitate extraction of teeth and surgery later on. We help detect early problems and offer interceptive treatment options for the best outcome for children. Not all children need early interceptive treatment, and we will only recommend treatment that is tailored for individual cases. The best time to get assessed for orthodontic treatment for any child is between ages of 7-9, and in fact some problems can be corrected very young as early as 4 years old.  Some of the treatment modalities that we may use include D-gainer therapy which is braces on the front teeth for growing children, functional appliances, expanders and myofuctional appliances including Myobrace. Soft tissue dysfuction such as mouth breathing, tongue thrust and thumb sucking can cause misalignment of teeth and underdeveloped jaw. We look at the child as a whole and work in conjunction with other professionals to remove the root cause of crooked teeth.


For fixed braces option, we offer Damon braces which are premium orthodontic appliance that results in rapid and less painful teeth straightening than traditional appliance due to less friction around the brackets and using light forces. Damon braces results in broader fuller smile, and in many cases negates the need for using palatal expanders and teeth extractions.

We are also certified to prescribe Invisalign™, a discreet clear aligner option which you can remove to eat and brush your teeth. This is suitable for people who want the most discreet method to straighten their teeth and is popular with adults that need absolute aesthetic appliance.