Looking for a cosmetic dentist in Chatswood?

Smile is the first thing people notice and helps to express person’s personality and beautiful smile exudes one’s confidence.

Some of the popular cosmetic dentistry treatment options we provide are:

Composite Bonding
Composite bonding, or composite veneer is a procedure that corrects broken, chipped, discoloured and decayed teeth. It usually involves applying a dental composite material onto the surface of the tooth and sculpting it into shape. Composite bonding is a medium term treatment as it can stain and chip over long time. Composite veneers are very conservative to teeth and it is more affordable option before committing to porcelain veneers.
Chatswood Cosmetic Dental services
Porcelain Veneers
Porcelain veneers are thin laminates that are attached to the surface of the tooth and can close gaps, improve the shapes and colour of the teeth. They can be used as important tool to design the smile and brings out the most satisfying aesthetic results. They are much longer lasting and does not stain over time. At Bentleigh dental care, we work closely with the Sydney’s most reputable cosmetic dental ceramists to create the most beautiful, nature mimicking veneers.


Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the easiest and the most affordable way of improving the aesthetics of your smile. Teeth whitening is a very common compliment to other cosmetic treatments or it may be the only treatment that you need . We use one of the most advanced in chair whitening system to bring the stained teeth to their whitest.


Teeth Alignment

Sometimes, the teeth need to be aligned first before porcelain veneers can be placed to enhance the esthetics and to minimise the prep to the teeth. Other times the teeth could be in perfect shape, size and colour, and just crooked, or not in ideal smile line. Bentleigh Dental Care dentists use clear aligners or clear braces to discreetly straighten the teeth.



Inlays and onlays are white porcelain fillings that are usually placed on the back teeth. Apart from being aesthetically much superior than composite fillings or metal fillings, inlays and onlays also happen to last a long time. This is because they are made outside of the mouth and are bonded to the teeth rather than direct setting of the fillings in the mouth.


Dental Implants

Loss of teeth is significantly associated with aging, and quality of life is lessened due to loss of chewing abilities. Dental implants are part of a prosthetic dentistry used to compensate for the loss of teeth and enhance your smile to give you a more youthful look. Dental implants can mimick the natural teeth without having to touch any neighbouring teeth and should be the first option to consider when replacing any missing teeth. At Bentleigh dental care, we have special interests in dental implants procedures, and are lucky to be able to work with one of the Sydney’s best implantologist for any difficult procedures.


What is in a Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation?
This is an important data gathering appointment where we get to understand your needs.
Please bring all your previous photos if you happen to have lost teeth over time, or any photos of ideal smile you imagine. We would like to know about what your concerns are and what you aim to achieve from cosmetic dentistry work. After we understand your needs and your aims, we will take some preliminary records such as photos, xrays and working models of your mouth. We also have the latest TRIOS 3D scanner which can take 3D scan of your mouth and to virtually set up your future smile to better communicate with you.
How to find the right Cosmetic Dentist
Finding a cosmetic dentist is no easy task at all. It often requires putting into consideration certain factors so as to be able to find one that will be most suited for your needs. First of all, cosmetic dentist should be able to bring many disciplines of dentistry together. For example, a cosmetic dentist who does not provide orthodontic treatment may be skewed to prepping the teeth rather than conservatively aligning them. Secondly, cosmetic dentist should work with technician who specialises in cosmetic work. Ask yourself if a single visit in-house computer designed ceramic work will look as beautiful as a master ceramist with many years of experience specialising in front teeth work. At Bentleigh Dental Care, we pride in ourselves in working with a master ceramist who personally will come and meet the patient to perfect the shade and shape of teeth to match the face. Lastly, cosmetic dentist should use cutting edge technology to bring the best of dentistry to the patient. We use the latest 3D scanner and the software to virtually show you the smile makeover to better communicate the goal and to improve the satisfaction from the cosmetic treatment outcome.