Invisalign is an effective way to treat a range of malocclusion and alignment of teeth. When it first
became popular in the early 2000s, it was mainly reserved for simple correction of misaligned
anterior teeth.
The latest advancement in the clear aligner therapy means now we know a lot more about how they
work and what are predictable and how to get around the difficulties of clear aligner therapy. Today,
whilst not all cases can be treated with Invisalign, many of the malocclusion can be predictably
treated using Invisalign treatment at Bentleigh dental care.

Invisalign can treat common dental malocclusion problems such as
 Crowding
 Deep bites
 Overbites
 Open bites
 Under bites
 Closing gaps
 Cross bites

Invisalign can be used with auxiliary techniques such as using elastics, buttons and sometimes using
temporary anchorage devices such as tads.

The process of Invisalign involves
Consultation with the dentist. This is the most important part of the treatment process where we
will aim to understand the main treatment goal and to assess the suitability of the treatment. We
will take a set of records such as photos, xrays and intro oral scan using our 3d intra oral scanner.

You will be given different treatment options if there is more than one. You will be sent simulated
expected outcome of the treatment.

Second opinion will involve attaching little composite attachments on the teeth, and you will be
given Invisalign trays and a dental monitoring scan box to take photos of your teeth weekly.

With the use of dental monitoring, you will not need to physically attend the practice for monitoring
as your teeth tracking will be monitored using the app.
Once you start the dental monitoring journey, Dr Kim will be in touch with you via app, where you
can send message directly.

Dr Kim has been providing Invisalign treatment since 2010 and has more than a decade of
experience using the clear aligner therapy for orthodontic treatment. She has a graduate diploma in
clinical orthodontics and is currently offering complimentary Invisalign consultations.